Monday, August 2, 2010

Hmmmmm... Paleo really?

Seems I have found a remedy to the never ending hunger... protein... Since I have never lifted before, I was so surprised at how much protein my body craved. So, I have added eggs and fish to my diet in an attempt to curb the hunger with wonderful results. The hunger has stopped and my progress have increased... Hmmmmm. I intend to grill some wild caught salmon for dinner and am feeling okay about my decision. It has been really hard after years of being vegan to admit that my body was craving more. However, making conscious choices is making the transition easier.

That being said, I am now doing official WOD's and they are much harder than the on ramp. Todays was particularly brutal for me. It looked like this:

AMRAP in 12 min.
100 m sandbag sprint (25#)
21 KBS @26lbs (35 Rx, but I'm not there yet)

I finished 6 rounds + 100m and 2 KBS- The KBS were brutal!!!

I thought I would kill on this but the weight was so different from just dragging around my body weight.

This week I start 4 days per week... wish me luck:)