Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday 7 sets of FS and 200m run

Sleep:  Pretty good- 10p- 7:30a, nap from 12-2p
Food:  Suffering from some mild stomach upset, so didn't eat as I usually would.  7am small amount of coffee with cream, a banana and an apple with some almond butter, post WOD refuel and protein shake, balance bar ~noon,  popcorn and deli turkey ~3p, zone bar at 4p, dinner was a Greek salad sans cheese and some meatballs, arctic zone ice cream for snack before bed

Training at 10am

7 sets @ 90-95%:
5 tough Front Squat
Run 200 m
walk rest 5 min b/t sets

Had some stomach upset last night and today, so this workout was probably more like 80% to keep the puke factor to a minimum.

Set 1:  1:40, rowed 250m and 95# FS
Set 2:  1:30 run 200m and 100# FS
Set 3:  1:24 run 200m and 100# FS
Set 4:  1:23 run 200m and 100# FS
Set 5:  1:21 run 200m and 100# FS
Set 6:  1:23 run 200m and 100# FS (turned around, took longer)
Set 7   1:25 run 200m and 100# FS

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bench Press

Sleep:  10p- 6a- better, afternoon nap from 12-2p
Food:  Day three of starving- love those heavy dead lifts!  6 am coffee with cream, post wod protein shake, noon breakfast salad with eggs and pepperoni, mixed nuts,  dinner salad with sirloin, after dinner banana, almond butter, and date smoothie with protein

Training at 7:30am

Corey's notes: Next BP set should be a wider grip to improve pec recruitment over delt/tricep... this will improve your dips and reduce the strain on your elbows.  In fact, I’d love you to do a wide grip BP test to compare to the CG... perhaps build to quick 3010 @ WG then perform this workout as CG.

WCBP test was 90#, 5# lower than my CGBP test- this is very skewed, but explains some other deficiencies I have.  That being said, I changed this workout to WGBP

Plenty of mobility and warm up to include squat to stands and supine bridges
A1. WGBP @ 32X1: 6, 6, 4, 4, 3, 2; rest 90 sec
65#x6x6, 70#x4x4, 75x3, 80x2- last rep was a struggle

A2. C2B Chin Ups @ 31X2; amrap (-1) x 3; rest 3 min (Ensure deep full breath in order to have chest to bar successful for full 2s hold)
5,6,7,6- felt good, did four sets due to low numbers, as usual, got better as the rounds went on

B. Using 70% of 1RM, 10 DL @ 20X1 x 2 (145#)
Ran 800m prior to and immediately following deads
Done- felt easy- reps 9 and 10 started to burn

Friday, April 27, 2012

RKBS, Box Jumps, and DUs

Sleep:  Crappy again- baby waking in the night and wrist pain... long nap from 2-4:30p
Food:  Super HUNGRY again- thanks to the heavy dead lifts- 8am coffee with cream, post wod refuel and protein shake, lunch at GreenLife mixed green salad with cod and mixed veggies, and kale chips, apple for snack, dinner for Dining Out for Life at Chai Pani- corn salad, okra fries, tandoori chicken salad, arctic zone ice cream with nuts before bed

Training at noon

3 sets @ 100%:
3 TNG Dead lift - moderate load (heavy but can pull fast)  
Set 1 185# x3. Compare to your 4reps earlier in week... 175#x 4 does not lend well to 185 x3 tng (Corey's comments are in blue)- as usual, I overestimated my abilities- clearly I should have used 155 or 165- lesson learned
Set 2 185# x1, then 175# x2, Set 2 175#x3- row
Row 15 sec AFAP
felt super easy (track meters to gauge output and efficiency)
rest walk 3 min actively
3 sets @ 100%:
5 tough russian swings
5 box jumps fast
15 double unders AFAP
rest 3 min
32 Kg (70#), box jumps and DU felt fast and easy

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Three 5 min. AMRAPs

Sleep:  Crappy!!! Stele woke up three times during the night- I finally gave in and slept in her room, only to be kicked all night long!!!
Food:  Heavy deadlifts yesterday= Super Hungry today!  7am coffee with cream, post wod refuel and protein shake, India Garden buffet for lunch- salad, cucumber salad, Italian dressing, two chicken legs, mixed veggies, and some fruit, balance bar ~4p, dinner at 6p meatloaf (ground beef and ground turkey), green beans and squash, mixed green salad, and strawberries, arctic zone ice cream before bed

Training at 10:30a

5 min @ 90% aer:  6 rounds + 2 push ups (felt easy)
5 push ups
5 toes to bar
10 lunges

(rest walk 3 min)

5 min @ 90% aer:  12 rounds- felt easy- dips felt solid
1 ring dip with kip
10 double unders

(rest walk 3 min)

5 min @ 90% aer:  4 rounds- burpees felt slow- run burned lungs
3 burpees
3 box jumps high - jump up, step down
1 rope climb with feet (15’)
60 m run

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1st Day of new programming

Sleep:  Stele is still sick with an upset stomach, so I was up several times in the night with her.  Was able to catch an early nap.
Food:  5am coffee with cream, 10am deli turkey with popcorn and mixed nuts, lunch salad with salmon, mixed veggies, some kale chips, post wod refuel and protein shake at 5pm, dinner of fried eggs over salad with mixed fruit, arctic zone ice cream before bed

Training at 4pm

A.  DL 8, 6, 4, 4, 2  155x8, 165x6, 175x4, 185x4, 195x1x1

B1. DB OH Press (parallel grip) @ 32X1 10, 8, 6 rest 20s  20#x10, 25#x8, 30#x3, 25#x6
B2. Ring WCU @ 31X0; 2-3 x 5; rest 3 min- Harder than I expected- 5#x2x5
C. FLR on rings- accumulate 120 sec.- UB

Rest and a little Cindy

Catch up here- I had some programming changes so I felt a little in limbo for a while.  After some testing, I decided to write my program for a bit to get my pushing and lifting in line.  So, here goes my experiment.  

I took Sunday off and decided to jump in and do 1/2 Cindy just to get my blood flowing with the 6:30p class.

1/2 “Cindy”
AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

Did at about 85%- completed 10 rounds + 5 pull ups + 1 pushup

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Team WOD

Sleep:  10p-6a, uninterrupted
Food:  6:30a coffee with cream, post WOD refuel and protein, brunch ~10am of egg and salami salad with sauteed apples, mixed veggies, and cashews.  

Team training at 7am

A. Retest seated BTNP and DL.
BTNP- 70#- PR
DL- holding steady at 205#

B. Snatch balance 3x3 @ 80% effort Rest 3 min for mobility focus b/w sets. 
only did 2 sets, 55# and 65#

C. AMRAP 10 minutes: 
10 T2B 

all HSPU should be strict 

Due to technique issues (thanks Dan Fertel for helping me) I did all of the HSPU's kipping and all of the t2b unbroken.

7 rounds

Recovery and skill work

OPT Being April 19

Row 10 min @ Z1
10 min HS walk/L sit practice
Row 5 min @ Z1
10 min pistol/E-ROM HSPU practice
Row 5 min @ Z1
10 min dead hang to inverted/ring lever practice
Row 10 min @ Z1


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 sets @ 100%: 30 sec amrap burpees 30 sec amrap DU's 30 sec amrap meters rowed (walk rest 6 min b/t sets)

Sleep:  9:30-7am
Food:  7am coffee with cream,  mid morning egg, handful of nuts, and small apple, 
post workout protein shake, lunch ~2p salad with salmon and mixed veggies, balance bar ~4p, dinner @6p mixed green salad with trout, cabbage and greens, arctic zone ice cream before bed.

Training at 12p

5 sets @ 100%:
30 sec amrap burpees
30 sec amrap DU's
30 sec amrap meters rowed
(walk rest 6 min b/t sets)

set 1: 12 burpees /33 DU /145 meters
set 2: 14/41/154m
set 3: 14/50/151m
set 4: 13/37/154m
set 5:13/41/144m
Due to time, my rest was less than 6 minutes. Felt good.

PC and Ring Dips- humbling

Sleep:  9:30p-5:00a
Food:  5am coffee with cream, post wod protein shake, lunch with the charming Robert West at Greenlife of HUGE salad with mixed veggies and salmon, balance bar ~3p, dinner at India Garden of salad with fish and shrimp and mixed veggies. popcorn and arctic zone ice cream treats!

A. Power Clean - build to tough double in 3 sets; short rest
95/105/110 all x 2 (was in a hurry today so didn't warm up properly- cleans felt stiff)
B. Dips - 3 x 3 @ 70% warm up; 1 min rest
complete as warm up with no added weight
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 rep rounds for time:
Dips + 1/3 BWT
Power Clean - 75% 1RM

90# power cleans- felt okay, sets of 5s and 3s- Dips were challenging but I focused on depth, did round 10 with 5# and the rest BW only

Sunday, April 15, 2012

300 Fuckit!

Sleep:  9:30p- 8:00am
Food:  Coffee with cream at 8am, some dried fruit mid morning (in my new dehydrator), lunch at the India Garden buffet of salad, chicken, and various veggies, post wod protein and refuel shake, dinner ~7p of rotisserie chicken, mixed green salad, green beans and some fruit.

Training at 4pm

"300 fuckit"
300 cals on AirDyne for time


100 cals @ 8:00
200 cals @16:00

Quad burner.


Sleep:  10:30p-6am
Food:  Hungry all day.  Coffee with cream ~7am, post WOD refuel and protein shake, couple of bites of dried fruit (dehydrated at home), lunch ~1p of Greek salad w/o cheese and with salmon, dinner of mixed green salad, zucchini with marinara, and grilled bourbon salmon, arctic zone ice cream ~9p

Training at 7 and 10am (had to split up due to coaching)

"OPT 3"
In 60 min:
1. Front Squat x 3
130# x 3 (59kg) - 20# below PR

2. Snatch x 2
80# x 2 (36kg)- 10# below PR

3. AMRAP COVP chin ups x 1 
25 - PR

(score total is FS kg + Snatch kg + total reps; max rest is 3 sec b/t reps for Snatch)
Total: 120

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Feeling sslloowww today... 800s, KBS and Box Jumps

Sleep:  11p-7a
Food:  7am coffee with cream, noon lunch salad with mixed veggies, brussels sprouts, green beans, broiled cod, mixed nuts, and balsamic dressing.  Mid afternoon popcorn w/ coconut oil and nutritional yeast snack, dinner of white fish and shrimp with mixed veggies and mixed salad.  Arctic zone ice cream snack before bed.

Training at 10am

for time:
Run 800 m
3 rds:
15 KBS - 1.5 pd/1pd
15 box jumps - 24/20"
Run 800 m

Felt really tired today and went into this training feeling sluggish.  Ready for a rest day!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Short and sweet

Sleep:  10:30-5am
Food:  5am coffee with cream, pre training- hard boiled egg, tangerine, handful of nuts, few bites of chicken, lunch ~noon of

Training at 7:30am

for meters:
2 min row @ 97%
rest 1 min

for reps:
2 min amrap clean and jerk - 97%
12 C&J reps @85#
rest 1 min

for meters:
2 min row @ 97%
(rest 30 min)
Rested ~10 min. due to time constraints.
2 min amrap @ 97%:
38 burpees
rest 1 min

for meters:
2 min row @ 97%

rest 1 min
2 min amrap @ 97%
double unders

122 DU


Sleep:  10p-4:45a- Yikes!

 Training at 7am

A. Hang Power Clean Cluster - 1.1.1 x 5; rest 5 min - drop weight, rest 10 sec b/t reps
95/105/110/115/120x1- felt slow.

B. Hang Power Clean x 1/Push Press x 3 TnG tough; rest 3 min x 3

C. AMRAP Ring HSPU in 10 min - every fraction perform 20 DU's
first time attempting RHSPUs but I had a good idea of how this would play out. Corey helped me in the rings and I felt okay in space- lowered down but that's it. So, started with 2 strict and then had none left. Switched to kipping and ended up with 54- broke 9 times.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Double couplets

Sleep:  11p-7a
Food:  7am coffee with cream, 12p post workout refuel/protein shake, 1pm lunch of egg salad, small salad of mixed greens, and stewed pears, dinner of pot roast, mixed green salad with mixed veggies, and green beans with bacon, kale chip snack and arctic zone ice cream.

Training at 10am

15,10,5 rep rounds for time:
Squat Clean - 135#/95#
Ring Dips

Part 1 - 8:05
Squat cleans felt ridiculously heavy today- strung some together, but were mostly singles.

(rest 25 min)
21,18,15,12,9 rep rounds for time:
KBS - 1.5/1 pd
COVP chin ups

Part 2 - This is where it all fell apart.  Apparently I can't count and breathe hard- this is an ongoing problem.  So, my time was 7:45,  but for the following reps: 
 21  21
18  18
15  12
 9     9  (realized something was amiss here so did extra- not enough extra however... ugh...)
 6   6
(69 and 66, respectively, instead of 75 ea.)
I actually felt really good through- much better than the first painfest.  

Total time - 15:50

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Split jerks, C2B, and 300 FY!!

Sleep:  10:30p-6a, uninterrupted :)
Food:  6:30a coffee with cream, 9am refuel/protein shake, mid morning snack of hard boiled eggs, mixed nuts, and fruit, lunch around 11a of egg, green bean, broccoli, and pepperoni frittata with a large mixed green salad, mixed nuts, and balsamic dressing, after snack of grilled chicken, cashews, and an apple, 

Training at 7am

A. Split Jerk - 2-3 x 5; rest 5 min
85 x 3, 95 x3, 105x3, 110x2, 110x2- Jerks felt heavy today

B. CTB Chin Ups x 15; rest 2 min x 4
 Sets looked like - 5/4/3/3, 4/4/4/2/1, 5/5/5, 5/3/2/2/2/1 Ugh.

C. 300 FY

125 cals. Done on the rower- paced way too much- felt fine about 2 seconds after finishing...