Sunday, April 15, 2012


Sleep:  10:30p-6am
Food:  Hungry all day.  Coffee with cream ~7am, post WOD refuel and protein shake, couple of bites of dried fruit (dehydrated at home), lunch ~1p of Greek salad w/o cheese and with salmon, dinner of mixed green salad, zucchini with marinara, and grilled bourbon salmon, arctic zone ice cream ~9p

Training at 7 and 10am (had to split up due to coaching)

"OPT 3"
In 60 min:
1. Front Squat x 3
130# x 3 (59kg) - 20# below PR

2. Snatch x 2
80# x 2 (36kg)- 10# below PR

3. AMRAP COVP chin ups x 1 
25 - PR

(score total is FS kg + Snatch kg + total reps; max rest is 3 sec b/t reps for Snatch)
Total: 120

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