Friday, April 27, 2012

RKBS, Box Jumps, and DUs

Sleep:  Crappy again- baby waking in the night and wrist pain... long nap from 2-4:30p
Food:  Super HUNGRY again- thanks to the heavy dead lifts- 8am coffee with cream, post wod refuel and protein shake, lunch at GreenLife mixed green salad with cod and mixed veggies, and kale chips, apple for snack, dinner for Dining Out for Life at Chai Pani- corn salad, okra fries, tandoori chicken salad, arctic zone ice cream with nuts before bed

Training at noon

3 sets @ 100%:
3 TNG Dead lift - moderate load (heavy but can pull fast)  
Set 1 185# x3. Compare to your 4reps earlier in week... 175#x 4 does not lend well to 185 x3 tng (Corey's comments are in blue)- as usual, I overestimated my abilities- clearly I should have used 155 or 165- lesson learned
Set 2 185# x1, then 175# x2, Set 2 175#x3- row
Row 15 sec AFAP
felt super easy (track meters to gauge output and efficiency)
rest walk 3 min actively
3 sets @ 100%:
5 tough russian swings
5 box jumps fast
15 double unders AFAP
rest 3 min
32 Kg (70#), box jumps and DU felt fast and easy

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