Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Three 5 min. AMRAPs

Sleep:  Crappy!!! Stele woke up three times during the night- I finally gave in and slept in her room, only to be kicked all night long!!!
Food:  Heavy deadlifts yesterday= Super Hungry today!  7am coffee with cream, post wod refuel and protein shake, India Garden buffet for lunch- salad, cucumber salad, Italian dressing, two chicken legs, mixed veggies, and some fruit, balance bar ~4p, dinner at 6p meatloaf (ground beef and ground turkey), green beans and squash, mixed green salad, and strawberries, arctic zone ice cream before bed

Training at 10:30a

5 min @ 90% aer:  6 rounds + 2 push ups (felt easy)
5 push ups
5 toes to bar
10 lunges

(rest walk 3 min)

5 min @ 90% aer:  12 rounds- felt easy- dips felt solid
1 ring dip with kip
10 double unders

(rest walk 3 min)

5 min @ 90% aer:  4 rounds- burpees felt slow- run burned lungs
3 burpees
3 box jumps high - jump up, step down
1 rope climb with feet (15’)
60 m run

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