Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bench Press

Sleep:  10p- 6a- better, afternoon nap from 12-2p
Food:  Day three of starving- love those heavy dead lifts!  6 am coffee with cream, post wod protein shake, noon breakfast salad with eggs and pepperoni, mixed nuts,  dinner salad with sirloin, after dinner banana, almond butter, and date smoothie with protein

Training at 7:30am

Corey's notes: Next BP set should be a wider grip to improve pec recruitment over delt/tricep... this will improve your dips and reduce the strain on your elbows.  In fact, I’d love you to do a wide grip BP test to compare to the CG... perhaps build to quick 3010 @ WG then perform this workout as CG.

WCBP test was 90#, 5# lower than my CGBP test- this is very skewed, but explains some other deficiencies I have.  That being said, I changed this workout to WGBP

Plenty of mobility and warm up to include squat to stands and supine bridges
A1. WGBP @ 32X1: 6, 6, 4, 4, 3, 2; rest 90 sec
65#x6x6, 70#x4x4, 75x3, 80x2- last rep was a struggle

A2. C2B Chin Ups @ 31X2; amrap (-1) x 3; rest 3 min (Ensure deep full breath in order to have chest to bar successful for full 2s hold)
5,6,7,6- felt good, did four sets due to low numbers, as usual, got better as the rounds went on

B. Using 70% of 1RM, 10 DL @ 20X1 x 2 (145#)
Ran 800m prior to and immediately following deads
Done- felt easy- reps 9 and 10 started to burn

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