Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Holy Moley- end of the Oly cycle!

Whew- Becca and I decided to end this cycle early- too much time in the gym, and we both miss the met cons!  So, I'm taking the week to decide where to go from here and am jumping into classes.  Anyway, after 8 weeks of O- lifting my conditioning took a little nose dive.

130812 Monday


AMRAC in 10 minutes with 8-12:
Back squat
C2B Pull-up
Hip extension
NTE 3 Rounds
Did ~10 of each
Strength/Skill Development
Complete 3 sets of A1/2:
A1. Romanian Deadlift (2011) x 7-10
175, 185, 195 x 10
A2. Axle press: x 4-6
50x6, 70x6, 80x3, 75x6
Complete 3 rounds of:
20 DB Thrusters (Use load that is moderately challenging but able to do sets UB)- used 20#
Run 400m
for time.


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