Saturday, December 31, 2011


Sleep:  10:30p-7:15a Yes- awesome night sleep- completely uninterrupted!
Food:  7:30a small coffee with touch of cream, small snack around 11p of tuna, some fruit and veggies, large bowl of popcorn around 2p, balance bar around 5p,  dinner of gf ground beef wraps in lettuce with salsa and apples, arctic zero ice cream around 9:15

WOD was Fran at CFA-

Thrusters 85#

I had such a horrible experience with Fran at my L1 cert that I was not looking forward to doing it again- but I digress... it was much better than I expected.  My old time was Rx'd at 8:48- pretty darn slow.  Today it was 6:36- much better.  Not a bad way to send out 2011. 

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