Sunday, January 18, 2015

The GHD accident... and my man traps that saved me.

After a great meeting at Asheville Middle School for the IRL program and Iron Girls, I came back to the gym to get a workout in before lunch. As usual, I was hurrying and had a lot on my mind- I have my hand in many fires right now between grad school, Iron Girls, CFA, and being a mommy to a very spirited 6 year old. So, I quickly changed and began my warm up routine:
2 rounds not for time:
20 cals on the AD
15 Hip extensions
10 push ups
10 pull ups
10 lunges
10 PVC pass throughs
10 OHS with PVC

On round 2 as I jumped on the GHD, I placed my right foot in and was bringing my left foot up as I pushed back in to the sit up. My right foot then slipped out before my left foot was in and I crashed into the metal stand below with my neck hyperextended. I saw stars and was extremely disoriented. Fortunately there was a gym full of people who immediately called 911- I was collared and transported to the ER. After some waiting and testing, I was released with a minor concussion and bruising. The next day I had  memory recall issues that resolved pretty quickly. I cannot express to you how scary this was - it happened in the blink of an eye on a piece of equipment I use every day. In coaching I often tell clients to "move deliberately", meaning to be in the moment and focused on training. Clearly this is advice I also need to heed. Thankfully this could have been much worse and I am so fortunate to be strong and resilient. Onward, with purpose and diligence. 


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  2. That's terrible! I'm sorry you had to go through something so scary, Amber! I honestly hope you're doing better these days. Keep us posted for more updates. It'd be nice to hear how you're doing. Take care! :)

    Modesto Culbertson @ D&Z Law Group