Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My first of many olifting sessions

Feeling a bit like a lost puppy- I essentially followed the warm up Tamara and Shanna were doing. It was something like muscle snatches followed by hang snatches with bar weight. I started with the 11# bar and ended with the 22.

Then to the fun stuff-


I did 6 doubles of 1 from the hang position and 1 from the floor at 47#. The goal was perfect form. Not sure about perfect, but certainly not bad for most. I'm certainly beginning to feel more comfortable with the move.


Same as above with 70#. Felt great.

Then the real fun began with a max out on the split jerk. I have been dying to get 100lbs. overhead and finally it happened today. I hit 95 strong x2 and 100 x 1. It wasn't pretty but it counted! Now to perfect it!

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