Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goals for the New Year

I am going to start putting my workout log here so I have a public record and am forced to blog- makes for a very interesting read later. So here are the goals for 90 days:

  1. No sugar (haven't had any in a really long time so shouldn't be too hard)
  2. No chocolate (so sad)
  3. No dairy (except in coffee)
  4. No processed (including sugar free candy- my nemesis)
Training Goals for the year
  1. Consistent and consecutive double unders
  2. Deadlift 200 (now 162.5 x 5)
  3. 100 lbs overhead
  4. Bodyweight C&J 114 (now 85 x 5 clean and 95 x 5 jerk)
  5. Snatch 90 (now 60 x 5)
  6. Compete in the Carolina Fitness Challenge December 2011

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