Monday, May 12, 2014

Catch up again…

Day 79

A. Deficit Deadlift 165#
15. 13.12.

B. BTN Press 60#
C. 500 meter Row: For time (and we’re all here to support you)
1:50.6 PR

Day 80

Warm Up Movements 2-3 Rounds NFT
10 reps x
Snatch Grip Press Under x Light-Moderate- 35# bar
Overhead Squat 35# bar
1-arm DB Overhead Squat
55 x 10 on Right

A. Snatch Drop 4 sets x 3-5 Reps 55#  (Video last set)

(the reason that I’ve left a range here is because I don’t want you doing continued reps if they become press outs, so this is a matter of creating a base for a multi rep snatch drop to see for how many reps you can maintain great speed. So, if 5 reps feels good, do not exceed that but if at rep 4 you begin to slow down, let’s stick 3 reps)

B. Establish a 1 RM Dip

Day 81

A. Establish a challenging
Clean Triple (from low blocks; not TnG)
B. Jerk Support 60% 1x2 70%1x2 75%2x2 80%2x2 (to set up you get in your split with the bar overhead and pushing up on the bar while tightening the upper back. Push back through the heel of the front foot and take a half step back then step half a step forward with the back foot. Hold three seconds at the top)
Worked up to 115#
C. 3 rounds 30 sec work:30 sec rest
   Row (Cals)

Day 82

A. 10 minutes practicing Tall Snatch (light to moderate; big take-always are to sit butt straight down and to punch the shoulders up in the catch to meet the bar)
Worked up to 65
B. 1.25 Front Squat 120# (ROM testing)
4, 4, 5, 4 short after each
C. Wide Grip C2B Pull Up (pronated)
#20 assistance
5, 4, 3, 3, 2 short after each
D. 1-arm Waiter’s Squat 60#
L- 5,5,9,6,6
R- 5,4,7,7,5
Short after each
Day 83



14 shoulder touches
8 tall box jumps- 30”
14 GHD’s

2 rope climbs

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