Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1RM FS and Wtd pull up

Sleep:  Good quality but not long enough... 11p-5:45a- I really need 8+ hours of sleep
Food:  6am coffee with cream, 11 am eggs, fruit and almond butter, 3pm salad with fish, mixed grilled veggies, balsamic dressing and mixed berries.  Dinner of steak and grilled veggies and greek salad w/o cheese, arctic zone ice cream before bed with mixed nuts

Training- Feels good to be back in sync- I do enjoy programming for myself and I am definitely seeing progress- however my brain is too full right now :)  Soon....

A. front squat - build to a 1RM
140#-  5# off my pr but more solid with better depth than before- not too concerned considering I haven't squatted heavy in 8 weeks...

B. wtd chin up - build to a 1RM

Surprised myself here- 35# solid- supinated grip

Glad to be back and training hard.

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