Wednesday, June 27, 2012

HBBS and Oly

Sleep:  10p-7a
Food:  7a coffee with cream, post training protein shake w/ almond milk and 1/2 banana, lunch at 1p of huge mixed green salad with spinach, vinegar slaw, and kale chips (wasabi) with curried cod and a smidge of egg salad, protein smoothie with almond milk, peaches, and almond butter around 3p, dinner of shrimp cocktail and a greek salad at 6p, popcorn before bed

Training at 9am

part 1:
A. HB Back Squat @ 30X0; 8,6,6,4; rest 2 min
125#x8, 130x6, 135x3, 130x3 130x4- got a little ambitious here.

B. Hang Squat Clean TnG x 5 - EMOM fast and tight out of bottom x 10 minutes
83# for all

C. PS x 1/HPS from knee x 1/Squat Snatch x 1 - 70% effort - EMOM for 8 minutes
63#, 68#, 63# for the remainder- wanted to keep it crisp.

rest as needed
Rested 10 minutes (CLEARLY NOT ENOUGH- but had time restrictions today)
part 2:
5 sets:
10 TnG Clean and Jerk AFAP
rest 1 min b/t sets
63#, 68#, 63#, 63#, 63#- this was much harder than I anticipated- really started to die on the 6th rep each round
5 sets:
12 burpees AFAP
rest 1 min b/t sets
27s, 28s, 26s, 25s, 23s- easiest of today!
5 sets:
airdyne 20 sec AFAP
rest 2 min b/t sets

10 calories, 9c, 11c, 11c, 11c

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