Sunday, June 3, 2012

Back on "Being"

So as I complete the Assessment portion of the OPT CCP (coach's certification) and begin the Program Design Portion, I realize I don't quite know enough to program for a more advanced athlete- like myself or any of the coaches- to truly optimize performance and increase strength.

So, partially beginning today and fully beginning on Tuesday, I am going back on the being blog.

The reason for this is two fold- as I said above, I don't quite know enough, and also so I can begin to recognize and pick apart James' programming as part of the learning process.

So- still given the GHD debacle, I did a slight variation of the being training today:

As many reps in 12 min:
1 Power Snatch - 135#/95#
1 Muscle Up
2 Power Snatch - 135#/95#
2 Muscle Ups
3 PS
3 MU...

4 rounds (48 reps)- used 80# for the PS and subbed 1 C2B pull up and 1 ring dip for each muscle up- think we did the wrong- I think we should have increased continued to increase the reps beyond 3 instead of starting over with 1.  Oh well....
Snatch is looking much better- less swinging out in front.

(rest 12 min)
As many reps/rounds in 12 min:
10 GHD sit ups
30 unbroken DU's
10 plate OH walking lunges - 45#/25#

8 rounds- Subbed single leg BE for the GHD sit ups- alternating legs

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