Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DLing and Stress

Day 65

A. Establish a heavy deadlift-if feeling it, go for it!
210- then I cried a bit- stressful week and it’s showing in my strength.
B. 4 Rounds
**with attention to form and positioning over intensity
60 feet x 1-arm DB overhead Carry (weaker arm first)
12 x DB Snatch (Alternating: 6/arm)
60 feet x 1 arm DB Overhead Carry (stronger arm second)
10 x Plank Burpee
This was fun.
Rest to recover

10 x Weighted Sit up (hold 15-20# slammer overhead)
10 x Bar Dip
2 rounds.

C. Airdyne cooldown 10 Min

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