Friday, November 23, 2012

Class WOD

Food:  8a coffee w/ coconut milk and vitamins, post wod progenex recovery shake, lunch ~noon was leftover turkey, green beans, paleo cranberry sauce, salad, and paleo sweet potato casserole, mid afternoon progenex more muscle shake with a banana and blueberries, couple of bites of homemade grain free granola bar, dinner was small salad with ginger dressing, lettuce and chicken wrap, steamed veggies and scallops, AZIC and homemade harvest cake before bed.  I was starving today.

Training at 9am

Decided against my programmed row sprints due to a nagging pinch in my R lower back- so did the partner class wod today.  That being said, there weren't an even number of class members, so I did this solo:

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
10 DB Thrusters  Used 20#
10 Box jumps Used 20" box

13 rounds- went light on the DB's to keep moving quicklyOne person completes one round while the other rests.  Rotate back & forth for 20 minutes.  Partners may use different sized DBs/boxes as needed.

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