Tuesday, March 26, 2013

50 C&J + 50 burpee pull ups

1.  Facing Hurdle Hops
6 x 6 jumps

Didn't measure, but will tomorrow.  Jumped the small white PVC pipe in the 4th hole in the squat stand- challenging 

2.  5 RFT:
10 Cleans and Jerks, 135/95
10 Burpee Pull ups - ideally bar height is 8-10" above max reach.

Whew- did sets of 3's, 2's and fast singles on the clean an jerks.  First time I have ever done this weight with the jerk for reps.  Felt good.  Burpee pull ups were unbroken, jumped up then kipped.  15:19

3.  4 RFT:
10m HS Walk
10 Pistols (5/side)

Did this but not for time.  I should have videoed it, my HS walks are better than I thought- albeit backwards.  Pistols were unbroken with the exception of the first and last rep :)

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  1. Dude, I didnt know you had this blog! This is sweet! Nice work.