Saturday, March 23, 2013

River Ruckus Team WOD 1 and the conquering of the MU.

Training at noon.

Becca and Rick weren't available, so Sean and I did this one.  Time to complete was right under 15:00.

Team Buy-in: 50 burpees

1. 40 Kettle bell swings 53/35
2. 30 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 115/ 75
3. 20 slam balls 20/15
4. 10 Ground-to-Overhead 135/ 95

Team Cash Out: 100m bear crawl

* All team members are to begin with burpees at the same time, but each memeber must have completed their indicidual burpees before the team can move on

* The middle four drills )1-4) are then performed with each team member at a different station.  They rotate in the order listed and only move on once all four athletes have completed each of the drills.  

* Each team member then bear crawls 100m to the finish.  Time stops when last team member has crossed the finish line.

Then I worked on MU because my new MU training is to do at least 1 MU every day I train before I leave.  So, I started and failed my first attempt, but then hit the second.  and the third, and fourth, and so on.  It was amazing- like something just clicked.  I took this video in case I ever doubt myself again.  

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  1. Awesome job Amber- you are capable of more than you think!