Monday, March 11, 2013

More snatches, squat cleans, and two met cons, oh my!

A. Squat clean 3, 2, 1; rest 2 min
120x3, 125x2 (1st video), 130x1 (2nd video)

B1. Amrap squat snatch in 1 min @135/85 x3; rest 90 sec (video of 80#)
squat snatches felt  really hard at first but progressively got better... 85x3- really ugly so lowered the weight, was more of a power snatch followed by an unsteady OHS, then 75x5, 80x4 were much better and true squat snatches- felt hard and awkward to squat- definite weakness for me

B2. Amrap muscle ups in 1 min x3; rest 90 seconds
did kipping high hip pulls- 6ish per minute

For time:
Wall ball
double under

clock stopped but right at 4:00- seriously low motivation for WBs today (or any day, really)

5 rnds:
AD 10 cals
10 HSPUs
5 CTBs
5 atlas stone cleans (80#)

14:45- seriously underestimated the time domain on this- felt good though- all movements UB

Felt beat up at the beginning of training but felt much better after.

After the Open I am going to join Becca and do some individual programming and an olift cycle.   

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