Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 4, Day 5 again.

Started with the C&J heavy single.  Hit 130 pretty quickly but missed 135#.  I caught the jerk funny yesterday so I was a bit hesitant to commit today.  So, I moved on with the clean to prepare for this weekends competition.

Made it to 140# solid- missed 145# x 2.  After reviewing the video- I'm actually dropping too fast and the bar is crashing down on me.  Note to self- pull harder and don't drop quite so fast.

C. Clean Pull - 105% of clean x3x3
D. Backsquat - 70% x2x5



4 Rounds for time:  (2 rounds/ partner alternating)
10 thrusters at 95#- round 1 6/4, round 2 5/3/2
10 T2B- UB
25 yard OH walking lunge w/ 25# plate- really started to burn in the second round

I went first because Becca is much stronger with thrusters.  
Round 1 time- 1:48- Amber
Round 2 time- 1:37- Becca

Total time- 7:09

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