Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More sickness and Tuesday night back squats

So the conjunctavitis returned and back to the doctor I went.  Anyway, recovered enough to train but not at 100%.
I was excited to see back squats and the 85% test- The workout looked like this- training at 5p:

A. back squat @ 20X1 - build to a tough single

This is one of those days were I was expecting at least 160 and was so disappointed. I could only push out 145 at a reasonable tempo and it felt heavy.  However,  I learned from Corey later that "x" means AFAP so I probably could have gone up without failing.  Oh well, next time.  

B. 85% of part A @ 20X1 - amrap 1 set

This went well- 120# x 8

C. wtd chin ups @ 22X2; 2-3 x 6; rest 90 sec

 5, 10, 15 x2, 15 x2, 12.5 x2, 10x2- don't know why I went down, guess I thought I could pick up a few extra reps, obviously not.
Suck ass night of training- hopefully better tomorrow.

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