Monday, January 30, 2012

Weighted Chin ups

Sleep:  Crappy- fell asleep at 10p, Stele cried for me at 12a so I went to sleep in her room- woke several times due to her and my coughing... finally up at 7a

Food:  Sorry my food journal has sucked... time and memory.  7am coffee with cream, 2p (waited way too long- long morning at the gym) large salad with mixed greens and veggies, fish and eggs, nuts, EVOO, and balsamic vinegar, 3p hard boiled egg, small apple, and few nuts, balance bar around 5p, dinner of lettuce "tacos" with gf ground beef, guacamole and salsa, small apple, arctic zero ice cream 9p

Workout looked like this:

A. chin up weighted pronated med grip - build to a 1RM

(score is weight added + BWT)

115 bw + 20lb = 135lb

B. perform AMRAP reps @ 3010 same grip for part A
(weight used is 85% of TOTAL in part A, not total of weight added in part A)
i.e. 50# DB + 120# BWT = 170# score - 85% of 170 = 144, therefore weight used in part B is 144-120 # BWT = 24# DB added
I didn't read correctly (sigh)- this would have essentially been bw pull ups for me at tempo (135 x 85%= 114.75). Anyway, I instead did pull ups with 17 lbs. (20 x 85%) at tempo and could only get 1. My reading skills must improve!
50 TGU slightly heavy - slow and steady, NOT for time
50 TGUs complete with 35 lb kb- did sets of 5 per arm- felt good.

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