Sunday, February 26, 2012

BP and Pwr Clean max

Sleep:  11:30p- 8:30a- couching fit early morning- damn burpees!
Food:  9am coffee with cream, 11am breakfast salad with mixed greens, eggs, strawberries, mixed nuts and tessamae's dressing.  Zone bar ~4p, dinner of lettuce "hamburgers" with mustard and tomatoes, large mixed green salad and grilled asparagus 7pm, sliced turkey and kale chips at 9p followed by my AZ ice cream.

Training at 2p

Close Grip Bench Press - build to a max in 8 min
almost had 100#- probably would have had if not for the burpees yesterday.  

rest 2 min
Power Clean - build to a max in 8 min
(105 below)


rest 2 min
AMRAP 90% of Power Clean max in 8 min

31 reps at 105#

With the exception of a nagging "fran" cough and tired pushers, I feel amazingly well considering the burpee-a-thon yesterday.  

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