Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catch up- UGH!

Oops- forgot sleep and food :(

A. front squat - build to a tough single in 10 min - NOT a 1RM
FS- 145, had more in the tank but ran out of time
5 sets @ 95%:
5 squat clean thrusters - tougher per set
10 CTB chin ups
10 burpees
30 double unders
rest walk 3 min after set 1, 3:30 after set 2, 4 min after set 3 and 4:30 after set 4

Had to make some modifications due to wrist pain from a wonky catch on Sunday...
- subbed dumbbells for squat clean thrusters
-had to do burpees on closed fists and slower than normal
2:26 20# DB
2:17 25# DB
2:15 30# DB
2:28 35# DB
2:30 30# DB
in round three I realized I was doing thrusters, not squat clean thrusters- so Rds 1-3 are only thrusters, Rds 4 and 5 are squat clean thrusters- really need to work on my reading comprehension skills!!!
C2B was definitely a limiter and I felt like the burpees were soooo slow- I think I have post traumatic burpee disorder :)

Sleep:  9:00p-7:30a uninterrupted- clearly I was sleepy!
Food:  8am coffee with small amount of cream (laying off the dairy- having some stomach upset), lunch after training @1p Huge salad with mixed veggies, brussels, apples, kale, walnuts, and salmon, dinner of green beans, meatballs, beets and vinegar slaw.  Had some terrible stomach upset after lunch (too damn much raw kale) so I was not very hungry today.

A. Press - build to a 2RM in 10 min
Could only push up 75# x 2- still babying my wrist and feeling weak with pushing

B. Row 5 min - every min increase stroke rate AND speed to a maximum sustained effort for last 1 minute

Row pace/ stroke rate
2:20/ 20
2:15/ 22
2:15/ 26
2:20/ 30

Felt good.  12.2 is released tonight!

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