Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Supposed to hike today...

for 2 hours- yeah, not going to happen... so I did the conditioning class instead:

Training at 8a

Workout (33 minutes)
3 rounds of: 2 minutes on, 30s to rotate. 1 minute rest b/w rounds.

Station 1: Tire drag/pull switch every 30m with 25# DB
30s rest & rotate
Station 2: Row
30s rest & rotate
Station 3: Mountain climbers x 10, Slammers x 5
30s rest & rotate
Station 4: 2 minutes on Airdyne

1 minutes rest until back to top.  

This was more challenging than I expected, but fun nonetheless! I didn't track my reps/m/ etc. because I wanted to focusing on moving through rather than accruing more reps. Onward.

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