Sunday, September 30, 2012

5 RFT: DU, box jumps and rowing

Training at 9:30a

5 incremental rounds for time:
50 DU's
10 reps - NPUBBJ - 14"
Row 400 m
NOTES: incremental means eacah round SHOULD be higher effort and faster - time it!
(NPUBBJ = no push up burpee box jump; fromt standing, drop into FLR while kicking legs back, kick legs in, jump at top onto box and off, back down into FLR, repeat - no pauses required)

2:45 (2:13 row pace) DU UB
3:45 (2:19 row pace)
3:20 (2:23 row pace)
3:08 (2:22 row pace) DU UB
3:22 (2:15 row pace)
total time- 16:20
For me, the key was figuring out how to have enough left in the tank after the row to complete the DU's UB...

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