Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Incline BP, Burpees, DU, AD, PP, HSPU oh my!

Training at 9:30 am

A. Incline bench press; 8-10x3; rest 2 min
55#, 65#, 70# all by 10- Maybe I was too inclined?- "Made" a creative incline bench with some plates, no incline bench.  Seems a bit light, but last 10 were challenging.  Had exactly 30 minutes to work out- so I was a bit pushed for time... not  a lot of warming up going on :)
For max reps:
5 min burpees= 86
4 min double unders= 200
3 min airdyne calories= 30
2 min push press 75/45#= 40
1 min hand release push ups= 14 

Total= 370 reps

last pushups felt impossible- like maybe an elephant was sitting on me.  

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