Monday, February 18, 2013


From yesterday on the Blog.

Watch this first- then

1. list the top 3 things that make you feel alive!

presence and experience,  reaching for new limits, connecting 
After writing the above, I realized they are all quite connected, in that what truly makes me feel alive is my most authentic experience of life

2. what are you doing each day that shows you are striving after those top 3?

Reminding myself that to do the above, I must stay firmly rooted in each moment- letting go of past and future experiences by taking a deep breath and returning to the present, to truth, to love, to freedom.  Reaching for new limits encompasses physical, spiritual, and emotional learning and understanding.  I feed this through my training, yoga practice, and my family and friends who teach me daily.  Again, being present allows me to absorb, experience, and push my limits  of learning, and understanding.  And finally connecting is the authentic interaction with my family, my friends, and all of life.  Each morning when I see my daughter sleeping I am reminded of how we are all truly connected and I am in awe of the perfection of life. 

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