Sunday, May 26, 2013

Regionals 2013 Team Event 4 + 1000m Row

10 min EMOM of advanced gymnastics skill of choice, do 1-3 reps on the min
Attempted MU but shoulder were WAY too sore.  Did a few bar MU as well.

Team Event 4 - 2013

Teams of 6 (3 Men, 3 Women)
For time, each member of the six-person team must complete the following:
30 Wall balls (20 / 14 lbs to a 10’ target)
30 Chest to bar Pull-ups
30 One-legged squats, alternating
30 One-arm dumbbell snatches (70 / 50 lbs)
Time cap: 25 minutes

For this event, the 6-person team will begin on a starting mat. At the call of “3-2-1 ... Go!” the first team member will move forward and begin the set of wall balls. After the 30th wall ball, the athlete moves to the pull-up bar and completes 30 chest-to-bar pull-ups. Then, the athlete advances to the next mat and performs 30 one-legged squats, moving forward every 10 reps. Then, the athlete advances to the next mat and performs 30 one-arm dumbbell snatches, moving forward every 10 reps (the second and third male and second and third female members must bring the dumbbell back to the starting point prior to beginning their first sets). Once the 30 dumbbell snatches are complete, the athlete will move to the finishing mat.
All 6 athletes must perform each of the four drills in order, 3 men first, then 3 women. No member may leave the starting mat until the previous member is on the mat for one-legged squats after completing all 30 chest-to-bar pull-ups. At no point can members advance to the next station until the team member in front of them has moved on from that station. When the last female member completes her 30 one-arm snatches and joins the others on the finish mat, the workout is complete.We split into 2 teams of 5 since we had 10 people:
Denise, Daniel, Josh, Ed, Becca
John, Amber, Dawn, Jesse, Peter

I was the first one through on my team and finished at 10:21.  Our team finished first, John was the cleaner.  I went first because I was afraid the DB snatches would really slow me down.  That being said, the DB snatches weren't nearly as hard as I thought.

WBs - 20/10
CTBs - 9/ 5/ 3/ 5/ 4/ 4
Pistols were steady and unbroken alternating
DB snatches (50#) were slow and steady- not nearly as hard as I thought.

Rest exactly 10 mins, then
Cash out 1K Row for time 

4:18- not a PR but certainly didn't dig super hard until the end

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