Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Power cleans and rope climbs

Sleep:  11p-8a
Food:  8am coffee with light cream, lunch salad with shredded chicken, mixed greens and veggies, sunflower seeds, mixed fruit, and balsamic dressing ~1:30p, popcorn with coconut oil and nutritional yeast @4p, dinner salad with pepperoni, turkey and mixed greens, green beans, dates, strawberries, mixed nuts, mixed veggies, and balsamic dressing at 7p, arctic zone ice cream snack @9p.

Training at noon:

A. power clean cluster - x 5; rest 5 min - 10 sec b/t reps - felt solid- was more difficult than I expected

B. press x 1/push press x 5; rest 3 min x 3
65/75/85 F/ 75- elbow flexors are killing me from 12.5 x 2

C. 8 rope ascents - 15 lunges b/t ascents - not for time

Complete to 15'- felt really strong and quick (finally)- lunges were good

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