Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Training at Disney!

Sleep:  10:30p-8:30a- so tired from traveling
Food:  coffee with cream @9am, mid morning snack of deli turkey and an apple, lunch of salad, green beans, chicken, bacon, guacamole, sunflower seeds, mixed veggies, and mixed fruit.  Boatloads of water (walking at Disney is a workout) and an apple for snack ~3p.  Dinner of mixed green salad with ginger dressing (in Japan at Epcot- delicious) grilled salmon, and mixed grilled veggies @6p, snack of popcorn and deli turkey and arctic zone ice cream ~8p.

Training at 9am
No rower, so subbed running on a treadmill instead (.62 miles).

Row 1K - 97%
(rest 20 min)
rested ~10 min.
Row 1K - 97%

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