Saturday, March 31, 2012

Heavy Deadlifts

Sleep:  10:30p-6a
Food:  Coffee w/ cream at 6:30a, post WOD shake with refuel and protein ~8am, lunch @noon of salad, chicken, and fruit at the India Garden buffet, popcorn w/ nutritional yeast and coconut oil with deli turkey and mixed nuts at 5p, dinner of GF ground beef "tacos" made with romaine lettuce leaves with salsa, guacamole, and dates for dessert.  Arctic Zone ice cream for pre bed snack :)

Training at 7am

A. Dead Lift - build to a tough single in a few sets - NOT a 1RM
A. 195#- felt solid, but couldn't peel 205 (my PR) off the ground.... ugh. I think I have mental problems :)
(rest 5 min)

for time:
25 TnG tough DL
Run 1K
25 burpees

5:30ish- I miscounted my burpees
155# TnG Unbroken (mixed grip), run was surprisingly easy after heavy Deads and burpees felt fast and powerful

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