Saturday, April 20, 2013

20 MU for time + 20 minutes of MAP work

For time:
20 muscle ups
(perform 3 Hang Power Cleans RX135#, scaled 115# each time you drop from rings)

Well, only made it through 7 before I began failing repeatedly.  My traps, shoulders, and upper back are SUPER sore from hi pulls yesterday so I imagine this made it harder.  Anyway, still super stoked to be able to do MU on demand and am beginning to have some confidence here. 


2 sets of 5 mins@ 80-90%, do 1 min each for reps:
KBS 1 pd
Wall walks
Box Jump/Step down used 20"
1 arm Farmer Carry

rest 3 mins between sets 

2 sets of 5 min Amrap @ 80-90%:
1 arm DB Snatch 3 per arm used 30# DB
10 walking lunges
5-7 pull ups Butterfly
Run 30mx2  

rest 3 mins between sets

Due to time, I did two 10 minute AMRAPs- felt good.  

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