Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Monostructural map + gymnastics circuit

Training at 11:30a

30 secs 85% AD (try to keep watts at just under average watts from last week's 3 min AD test) 254 = avg watts from AD test
30 secs 50% AD= 90= avg watts from Z1
x 20 sets
was able to maintain watts between 221-251 for 85% although now I see it should have been 215 avg watts for 85% and 90 for 50%

Complete the following gymnastics circuit 3-4 times,
Not for Time:
5 bar or ring dips
1 legless rope climb
an UB handstand walk (or for Becca - 20-30 secs of handstand hold on wall)
1 Muscle up into a inverted hold or a skin the cat

Done.  Did forward HS walks- felt good, could go ~10m or so.  Only failed on 1 MU.  Good training day. 

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