Monday, April 8, 2013

River Ruckus 2013

Well- what a day!  It started off great with our first WOD at 11am- it was:

We finished in 14:31- this is slower than we did in the gym, but the transitions were much further.  We had to travel from station to station.  I did 6 sets of 5 on the SDLHP, 34 KBS then 6, and UB slam balls, and finally 5 TnG G2O, then singles.  

This gave us a 7th place finish.  We were 1st off the burpees and 2nd to the bear crawl- that's where we really slowed down.  Same set up as before, Sean started on the KBS, then me on the SDLHP, then Rick on the slam balls, and Becca on the G2O.  


We ended with 529 reps for a 3rd place finish.  I started on the DL and did 21 UB, then did 1 more.  I then moved to the box jumps and got a few no reps but ended up with ~35, then moved to the squats and got 51 squats, and finally ended with the push ups and got ~30.


We had the plan going into this that Becca and I would do the majority of the pull ups and Sean and Rick would do the majority of the wall balls.  I began with an AMRAP set of pull ups (30- PR) and then Becca did the same.  My next set was ~20 and then we switched back and forth from there.  Rick kicked off the wall balls with a set of 60!  Our overall time ended up being 8:44- which was a 10th place finish.  

So- we went into the finals in 3rd place- but they didn't seem to know that so we weren't announced as a team that qualified for the championship WOD.  We were shocked, but just figured we didn't do as well as we thought.  By the time it was figured out, the championship WOD was over, winners had been announced, trophies had been awarded, and I had left to eat dinner.  SO BUMMED!  Anyway, next time.

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