Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tough DB Snatch + Lactic Power Sets

AM- 9:30 training

Build to a tough DB Snatch in 10 mins
50#- feel very cautious here- need to practice more.
3-6 sets @ 90% of:
5 Power Cleans- 85#
7 Burpees
Sprint 50m
rest 6 mins between sets

(Rest 10 mins) and repeat

51s, 47s, 43s, 42s, 43s (video)
Whew, this got hard fast.  Used 85# for the cleans, then stopped at 5 sets because critical drop off was looming.  Decided not to repeat, so we ended with 20m Z1 on the AD.

PM- training at 3:30p

12 minute AMRAP of 

2 wall walks
3 ball over shoulder w/ 80# med ball
50m carry w/ med ball on shoulder (switch shoulders at 25m)

5 rounds + 2 wall walks

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