Saturday, April 13, 2013


Training at 7a

10 mins @ 80-90%:
30 DUs
5-10 Squat Cleans 65# (did 7 each round)
5 -7 Pull Ups (did 5 butterfly each round)

(Rest 7 mins)

10 mins @ 80-90%:
5-10 T2B (did 10 T2B each round)
10-15 DB Push Press (moderate) (did 10 w/ 20# each round)
Row 250m

(Rest 7 mins)

10 mins@ 80-90%:
Run 200m
5 Burpees
5 KB Snatch per arm (moderate) (used 26#)

This is maximal aerobic power work, so sustainable effort, no breaks, flowing constant movement & breathing, no grunted efforts -- adjust reps & loads to accomodate. 

Woke up this morning with a burning sensation in my chest so took it slow today.  Felt good (although easily fatigued) through the first round- but really started to slow down in the 2nd and 3rd MAP.  Took it very easy and came home and took a LONG nap.  Feeling much better now.

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