Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Map 1- Mono-structural

Map 1 Mono-structural

30secs @ 85%
30secs @ 50%
x 30 sets

Base 85% pace on slightly faster than your average 2K row pace.

2K would be ~2:05, my 1K time was 4:08nd 50% would be ~2:25
Kept pace between 1:58 and 2:05- felt very hard as time went on- 50% pace started out around 2:30 but fell off quickly

Total meters rowed ~6000
Today's workout is all about building Aerobic capacity, if you don't have a 2K row pace to base off then go at 85% of what you can sustain for the 30 mins, this is should be faster than Z1. 

30 mins of skill and mobility work of your choice 
Used this time to work on MU

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