Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thank GOD- not another long chipper!

WU:  250m row + 100 air squats

Can't remember my time, but it was fairly quick- row pace was 1:50ish and air squats were UB


2 minutes at each station w/ 30sec rest between each:

  1. OHS 75#- 10/ 10/ 5
  2. Hand Release push-ups (my pecs are still on fire from Sunday!) Not sure of rep scheme, but slow and steady
  3. Hang Power snatch 75#- steady sets of 3
  4. GHD sit ups- UB, just kept moving, my abs are still killing me from the 200 sit ups on Sunday (and I have road rash on my butt) so not sure I'll be able to move tomorrow
  5. Burpees, UB, slow and steady, jumped back and up but wasn't in a real hurry
Not sure of the break down from each station, but total was 155 reps.  

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