Tuesday, May 15, 2012

alactic and lactic endurance

Food: 5am coffee with cream, deli turkey and handful of nuts, post wod refuel and protein shake, some plantain chips,

Sorry about the lack of posting about food and sleep- sleep has been consistent so I am no longer going to post- I get good sleep. That being said, my mid-afternoon napping has stopped- I'm just not tired anymore in the afternoon. I contribute some of this to better sleep quality and less stress- but mostly to the fact that upon starting this strength cycle (on week 4 now), I changed my diet considerably. I am eating a lot more protein and fat and I feel GREAT! With super heavy dead lifts several times/week I am craving protein and fat... clearly something my body needed.

lactic power
3 sets @ 100%:
4 TnG Power c&j
6 burpees AFAP
(rest 3 min b/t sets, same weight per set, faster per set)
Used 95# 
24s, 20s, 20s
lactic endurance
2 sets:
1 min AMRAP thrusters - 95/65#
16, 18 YUCK- broke first set into sets of 5, went 10 UB on second set, then 8
1 min AMRAP chin ups COVP
19, 23- felt good considering the volume of pull ups yesterday
rest 6 min b/t sets - high speed, high turnover is goal
for time:
Run 800 m

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