Sunday, July 15, 2012

CFA Games Party Team WOD

Sleep:  10p-7:30a
Food:  8a coffee with cream, mid morning protein shake, post wod protein shake, paleo pot luck lunch of ribs, meat salad :), cucumber salad, tomato salad, almonds and mango, evening snack of popcorn and roast beef, arctic zone ice cream before bed

In teams of 4 complete:

2000m row and 100 burpees
one person on the rower and only one teammate doing burpees at a time.  Break up burpee reps/row distance as you choose.
The row and burpees must be complete before the team may move outside for the sled push.
30m sled push
400m run
100 wall ball shots
400m run
30m Sled push
Once the sled has returned completed the 2nd 30m distance the team of 4 moves inside and again completes
2000m row and 100 burpees
For time.
Each team will have 2 50lbs sandbags which must be supported by your team throughout the entire WOD.  If either of the sand bags come in contact with the ground/floor or simply if any part of the sandbag is being supported by any object other than a member on the team then each team member must immediately stop the task they are on and complete 5 burpees while the sandbags continue to be supported.   Again, each time the sandbag is unsupported by the team each member complete 5 burpees while other members are holding the bags.  All 4 members must complete the 5 burpees before further work requirements of the workout are performed.

Whew- a fun but tough one.  Our team was myself, Becca, Tina and Katie- so much fun.  Can't remember our time exactly, but 30 minutes and some change.

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