Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Body Composition

I measure my body fat every month, and this is another metric we can use to see the effects of the Whole 30.  

Body Composition Scores at the beginning of the Whole 30, measured Monday, 7/30/12.

Weight 116#

Ideal Ranges Sties                    Caliper Measurements
N/A                 Cheek                   9.5mm
N/A                 Chin                     4.5mm
10-15         Tricep                  5mm
<10                 Umbillical            7mm
8-12 (5-6) Mid Axillary        6.5mm
6-9                 Suprailliac            6mm
8-12                 Sub Scapular        7.5mm
<20                 Thigh                   7.5mm
<20                 Hamstring            6.5mm
N/A                Calf                       6.5mm
32-44        Mid Section total   27mm
Total                                            66.5mm
Body Fat %                                  10%

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