Saturday, July 28, 2012

DL and WB's- day 2 of Whole 30

Sleep:  9p-6:30a- no wrist pain w/ brace
Food:  7a handful of nuts and black coffee, 10a hard boiled egg, nuts, and an apple, lunch of mixed green salad with local carrots, left over gf steak, egg, local tomatoes, blackberries, and olive oil and balsamic vinegar, mid afternoon snack of hard boiled egg, small handful of nuts, sugar snap peas, and a small apple, dinner at EarthFare of large mixed green salad with roasted salmon, live dark green salad with kale, strawberries, olive oil and red wine vinegar, snack ~8p of hard boiled egg, homemade kale chips with olive oil and cashew paste, and some apple/ butternut squash sauté. I was REALLY hungry today.  I think I need to eat more at each meal to sustain me for longer periods of time.  I have noticed a marked decrease in some gastrointestinal issues I have had for most of my life.  That is really exciting.  I guess I never realized how even small amounts of an "offensive" food can wreck havoc.  


part 1:
200 m IM warm up
1K swim time trial
No swim for me today.

rest 4+ hours
part 2:
A1. Speed DL @ 11X1; 62% 1RM; 10 sets of 3; rest 45 sec
Complete at 140#
A2. Close Grip Bench Press - 10 sets of 1 - tough per set; rest 1 min
80#, 85, 90, 90, 90, 90, 95 (old 1RM), 95, 95, 95
B. Heavy KBS - 25 reps unbroken; rest 2 min x 3
20kg UB, 24kg UB, 28kb x 12- stopped there, had to coach
C. 40 unbroken wall balls; rest 2 min x 3
40 with hold at 34, 40 w/ hold at 20 and 30, 40 w/ hold at 20 and 30
D. FLR on rings - accumulate 3 min

1:30 x 2

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