Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Double day- HBBS, and HSC

Sleep:  11p-7a- hand felt terrible
Food:  8a coffee with cream, post training protein shake with 1/2 banana, lunch at Greenlife, large mixed green salad with mixed veggies, balsamic dressing, and baked cod, dinner was a greek salad sans cheese with shaved lamb and two pickles, and an apple, decaf coffee w/ almond milk after dinner, hard boiled egg and handful of nuts before bed

Training at 10a

part 1:
A. HB Back Squat @ 40X0; 10,8,6,4,2; rest 2.5 min b/t sets - add weight per set
115x10, 125x8, 130x6, 130x4, 135x2 (video)- tempo was evil!

B. Hang Squat Clean - 2 every 30 sec TnG moderate for 8 minutes
105#- grip was limiter on last minute

C. GH raises - 10 x 3; rest 1 min
10x3- felt pretty good, will add weight next time

rest 4+ hours

Training at 4:30p

part 2:
4 sets @ max effort:
30 sec clean and jerk - 55-75# fast!
30 sec no push up burpee box jump - 20" faster!
30 sec run sprint fastest!
Rest walk 5 min b/t sets

Part 2- used 65# for C&J
Rd 1- 10 C&J, 11 BBJ, 115m sprint
Rd 2- 11, 11, 121m
Rd 3- 11, 11, 124m
Rd 4- 11, 11, 118m- legs were dead!

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