Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 1 of the Whole 30!

Sleep:  9p-5a, arm hurt early in the night but woke up feeling good
Food:  Day 2 of the Whole 30, with the hopes that my arm symptoms will alleviate somewhat, or possibly entirely?  That maybe wishful thinking, but I have to try everything.  For those of you who don't know, I have had symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome since the birth of Stele- these symptoms have waxed and weaned based on training, stress, food, etc.  Recently however, they have been really bad- pain through the night without any alleviation by wearing an arm brace.  

Anyway, I have never truly followed a strict paleo diet to exclude all the no no's (can you say popcorn and arctic zone ice cream- and don't forget the cream in my coffee and my beloved balance bars.... oh I could go on).  So, although I do eat relatively well, I could do better, and I would really like to rule out my diet as the main contributor to my carpel tunnel.  

So, the experiment begins- 30 days of 100% strict paleo- we'll see how it goes.  I plan to do a body comp. test tomorrow and again at the end of the 30 days for comparison.  I'll share the results.  If anyone wants to join me- feel free.  We can be support for each other!

5:30a black coffee (didn't finish cup), 10a hard boiled egg and homemade kale chips, noon cucumber salad with baked chicken, apples, and oranges, 3p decaf iced black coffee, 4p hard boiled egg with sugar snap peas, dinner ~6p gf boneless ribeye, mixed green salad, brussels sprouts, and apples with butternut squash.

I have felt very run down the last two days- not sure if I have a little cold (Stele has had some gastrointestinal distress) or if I am adjusting to the new diet (read, sugar withdrawal), or if the training volume is catching up with me.  Time will tell.  

Training 6am

part 1:
warm up- 10 min. aer. run based-  complete
5 sets:
1 min FLR on rings - UB
20 mountain climbers on floor- UB
20 pistols - slow and perfect- not as hard as I expected
AMRAP strict chin ups - 6/4/5/5/5
rest 1 min
cool down- 10 min aer. run based complete

rested ~5 hours- feeling beat up today so I scaled a bit

part 2:
10 min @ 90% aer:
10 wall balls- 14# ball to 9' target
5 burpees
15 double unders
5 toes to bar
7 rounds
(rest 5 min)
10 min @ 90% aer:
25 m bear crawl
10 burpee jumping chin ups - bar just out of reach (did 5 burpee chin ups/ round)
15 double unders
6 rounds+25m+1 burpee chin up
(rest 5 min)
10 min @ 90% aer:
10 ball slams- used 15# ball
25 farmer's carry moderate- used 35# Kbs
10 lunges
9 rounds + 9 ball slams
The first part was not bad at all, much easier than I expected... the second part, however, was torture... and it was hot as hell... glad it's over!!

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