Friday, July 13, 2012

Gymnastics and MAP

Running a day behind with a sickly little 3yo...

Not sure about sleep or food... ah, I digress...

Training at 3pm

part 1:
10 min aerobic full D-ROM warm up
spend 60 min in constant motion - rest little, work low effort - high technique based:
L sits- done
wall walks- done
HS hold into forward roll- done- feeling more solid
run technique - no more than 150 m at a time- nope
MU's - part of the skill needing the most work- no MU today, but my pull is much higher
wall balls - MAX 5 reps/time- yikes, tried 20# to 10'
DU's for speed- nope, did in the workout and in my wheelhouse
part 2:
12 min @ 80% aer effort:
5 KBS - 1pd
10 lunges
5 push ups
10 box jumps - 14"
Can't remember exactly- but 11 rounds and some change

(rest 3 min walking)
12 min @ 80% aer effort:
row 150 m
5 push ups
10 sit ups
15 double unders

6 rounds and some change

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