Sunday, July 15, 2012

DL and swimming, take 4

Sleep:  10p-6:30a
Food:  7a coffee with cream, post training shake with coconut milk and 1/2 banana, lunch of mixed green salad with all the trimmings, sausage and eggs, balsamic dressing, and kale chips, mid afternoon protein smoothie, another snack of hard boiled egg, cashews, and popcorn, dinner was delicious lamb shank, mixed veggies, and greek salad without cheese, arctic zone ice cream before bed

Training at 7am

part 2- did 1st:

A1. Speed Dead Lift @ 11X1; 60% 1RM; 10 sets of 3; rest 30 sec

A2. Speed Bench Press @ 20X1; 60% 1RM; 10 sets of 3; rest 30 sec
B1. Dead Lift - build to a tough single fast; rest as needed
B2. Build to a 1RM in the Weighted Dip fast; rest as needed

C. 22 rope climbs for time - 20'- rope is ~15'
10:34- grip started to give ~last 5

rest 4 hours

part 1- did 2nd:

100 m IM warm up
EMOM - 25 m free @ 80% x 10
(rest 3 min) x 2
100 m IM cool down

done, definitely feel more confident with my stroke

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