Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Overhead 1RM day :)

Sleep:  10:00-6:00
Food:  Coffee with cream 7a, post training protein shake, lunch was mixed green salad from Greenlife with balsamic dressing and shredded chicken and kale chips, protein smoothie ~4p, dinner of greek and fatoush salad w/o cheese with grilled chicken, small bowl of fruit, and two pickles, popcorn and roast beef snack, small bowl of AZIC before bed.

Training at 10a

A. Standing Press - build to a 1RM
Press 80# (no PR)
B. Push Press - build to a 1RM
PP 120#
C. Jerk - build to a 1RM
Split jerk 125# (10# PR)- stopped here, didn't try for 130 since I had to chase it down, however looking back, I should have cleaned up my form and gone a little higher- not a true 1RM

D. tabata push ups - total reps as score - tight, legit reps
63 reps- highest 14, lowest 6

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