Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Being Avatar revealed-

BEING Avatar revealed:  This is very close to my stats.

Female: 131#

Press: 93.1#
Pull: 36.5
Press to pull: 55.6%
Press Priority

BS: 170/FS: 145.7
DL: 215#
FS:BS- 85.7%
DL:BS- 127%
Relatively balanced

Power clean: 123
CGBP: 118.4
Slight press priority relative to hip

Power snatch > Squat snatch
Group as a whole needs to focus on technical ability of the lifts and/or mobility to allow dropping under the bar.  This should be added into the design.  For competition in the sport skill development needs to be added to the design (which would include oly lifts, pistols, bounding, double unders, etc) if you aren’t at an adequate level of performance.

Comments about the group:  Overall the group is weak for the direction the sport of CF has taken.  Media recently for the sport has put an emphasis on strength development in spite of promoting true “balance” in fitness and the general components of fitness.  A sport where now the elite can qualify for the American open weightlifting championships but cannot qualify for a state-level high school cross country meet.  However, we believe that if we continue to train for balanced fitness, using Crossfit methodologies and blending them with strength and conditioning principles, that we will improve fitness long term and be prepared for the opens and the OPTathlons.  That being said, the target for the being group is the opens as previously stated and we must train relative to those tests.  We will be getting into specific prep work for what we guess to be released in the opens, based off the last two years of data.  At the conclusion of the opens, we will have a 2 week de-loading period and will resume with a strength biased program where roughly 60-70% of the volume is targeted towards strength development and gymnastics density work.  The plan per week will be as follows:

Mon- Back squat/Hip speed CP + lactate power intervals squat/upper pull
Tue- Upper press strength + upper press gymnastics density + MGW
tester moderate length – aerobic power target
Wed- Snatch/Muscle up skill work (speed/technical priority).  Tester
involving core, upper pulling gymnastics, heavy bending, heavy oly,
etc.  Ie. High variation no progression per week in design of tester
Thu- OFF
Fri- Speed squatting + heavy pulling + heavy CP capacity based met-con
Sat- Upper strength pressing + gymnastics density + high number of
contractions longer met-con (simple movement design to mimic opens)

We will progress forward from lactate power into lactate endurance through mid-January into all testers through mid-february.  2 weeks out from the opens we will drop volume and taper into the opens with the plan to perform skill work on the opens workouts on wednesday(or a first run of the workouts assuming a release date of monday) and then attack them Saturday.  This will leave little other room for training (hard mon and light work tue/fri basically) in the weekly split that isn't counter productive to the training, but will allow for an optimal finish.  Plan forward from there explained above.

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